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SINCE 1966

Keep The Grill Running All Year Round

Our Brats and Hot Dogs are what has made Gordy's Smokehouse famous for years. With flavor after flavor of brats to try you can keep the grill running all year round. Our signature OktoberFest Brat – made with Leinenkugels beer is the hit of Oktoberfests across Wisconsin each year. We have partnered with our friends at Leinenkugels to develop 8 flavors made exclusively by our smokehouse experts – each featuring a different Leinenkugels beer, the perfect meal any day of the week. Pick up any of our 18 varieties today!

Our Hot Dogs are made with the old time recipe that makes them great, just the right amount of time in the smokehouse and they come out made to perfection. Be sure to try the Cheese – made with real Wisconsin cheese that you can taste in each bite!

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