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SINCE 1966

A Family Tradition Since 1966

Gordy’s Smokehouse Meats are the pride of Gordy’s Meat Department. Founded in 1966 and built off of, Gordy Schafer, passion for meat, our Smokehouse Meats not only burst with rich smoked flavor, but they represent the high attention to quality, character and tradition our Meat professionals have been trained on.

A family tradition since 1966, the Schafer family has most recently built the largest Gordy’s Smokehouse to date in their newest store in Chippewa Falls, WI in May 2015. Capable of handling up to 800 pounds at a time to smoke our products. Smoked with top of the line hardwood chips, our meats obtain a rich, enhanced quality, taking Gordy’s Smokehouse Meats to an all new level of smoke flavor to savor product wide.

We are thrilled to offer over 40 varieties of freshly smoked sausages, hot dogs, brats, bacon and other premium meats. Not only do we provide a wide selection of premium smoked meats, but we also offer the only Leinenkugel infused line of brats with 9 different varieties. Have a favorite Leinie’s brew? You just might find it cooked and smoked into our Gordy’s Signature Brat! Exclusive to Gordy's Market

Meet Tim Mickelson

Tim is the Smokehouse Manager for Gordy’s Market. Tim began his career with Gordy’s in 1993, working his way up through Gordy’s Meat Department. With a new smokehouse facility recently launched at Gordy’s Chippewa Commons, Tim can hardly wait for you to taste their new products! Tim and his team have a great passion for their products and are constantly innovating new, tasty ways for you to enjoy the meats you love. Look for the Gordy’s Smokehouse label the next time you shop your local Gordy’s Market to get a taste of their hard work!

Gordy’s Guru

Tim Mickelson


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