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SINCE 1966

The Most Vibrant Aspect Of Gordy’s Market Locations

Touted as the most vibrant aspect of Gordy’s Market locations, Gordy’s takes pride in its wide selection of produce and our Produce Specialists ensure you have the freshest fruit and vegetables you are looking for. Gordy’s has worked diligently to build the strongest relationships possible with the best growers to bring you the best produce around. We work with local growers from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota to get you the freshest local produce in season. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, we’ve got the produce you are looking for!

We are also committed to doing our best to provide you with as much Organic produce as available. Not only are there many health benefits to eating Organic produce, but it also helps to support the Organic Farming Community.

Our Produce offerings do not simply stop at raw fruits and vegetables. We also provide a wide selection of cut fruits, salsas, as well as Juice labels including Naked Juice, Bolthouse Farms, Raaw and more!

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