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SINCE 1966

Experience the styles from
old world artisans

Our Gordy’s Bakeries feature styles from Old World Artisans, evoking the feeling of walking the streets of France and Germany. Stop into your local Gordy’s Bakery to experience firsthand the smells and aromas of fresh baked breads and pastries of baked goods made the Old World way.

European Bakery Items

  • Breads
  • Pastries

History of Baking, the European Experience

In Europe customers stop into the local bakeshop daily to purchase bread for their evening meal. Baked goods are purchased and enjoyed that day. Breads and rolls are part of every meal. To bring that European Experience to our customers, Gordy’s Market has a full line of European Style Crusty Breads. Try one of these breads and you will swear you have been transported back to the Old World.

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